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El Saturday 22 February 2003 15:21, Jason Keirstead escribió:
> Just to note, TOC is not in any way an open protocol, it is just as
> proprietary as OSCAR. It was never open licensed, and AOL has even
> explicitly said they do not intend it to be free for public use by non AOL
> clients. So it is just as closed as MSN, ICQ, OSCAR, or any other protocol.
> "We did not intend to allow anyone to take this code to run instant
> messaging services over AOL's network," said Tricia Primrose, an AOL
> spokeswoman in Dulles, Va

Don't spend your time discussing the topic with him. Discuss it with somebody 
whose objetive is to promote jabber, not to boicot kopete.
This guy talk about us like if we are a propietary services fans.
In our team, some of us use Jabber, Daniel is a Jabber fan and advocate, Till 
I am already a jabber advocate, I give presentations about jabber in chile 
companies, and because my fault some companies have canceled big projects 
about buying propietary solutions. But so what? when I started kopete I 
thought in choice. So when you hear Neil saying "Kopete is TIED to ..." just 
smile, Kopete is not tied to nothing. It is just a choice loader.

I agree with making Kopete suggest jabber at first load, and promote it. But 
KDE is for end users also, Jabber still is a bit geeky for users like your 
grandma. But users who want just talk to their friends need to have the 
option, and that option should not mean compiling kdenonbeta or strange 
modules, they sould just do 2 mouse clicks.

I hope we all can make a difference about supporting choice and promoting  
propietary services. Kopete is one of the biggest KDE projects, with a 
incredible large userbase, a incredible big development team, users have the 


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