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Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Sun Feb 23 14:12:04 GMT 2003

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On Saturday February 22, 2003 08:04, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> On Samstag Februar 22 2003 13:44, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Should KDE include anything that is tied to a proprietary protocol? 
> > If not, Kopete plugins like OSCAR should remain in kdenonbeta.
> >
> > Should KDE include anything is tied to a proprietary service (open
> > protocol or not)?  If not, Kit should be moved out, and several Kopete
> > plugins should remain in kdenonbeta.
> Haha, very funny, you know very well that kopete won't have anything
> left other than jabber.

I asked the questions, I didn't supply the answers.  So I don't very well 
know anything yet about the full consequences.

I've merely pointed out that KDE's position on these matters has never been 
stated before, and that a firm position on this would clarify the status 
of Kit and Kopete in KDE.

If it turns out that KDE developers' position is that KDE should favor 
proprietary protocols, or proprietary services, so be it.  But the 
decision should be made, instead of being left ambiguous.
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