Kopete in kdenetwork

Martijn Klingens klingens at kde.org
Sat Feb 22 13:51:25 GMT 2003

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On Saturday 22 February 2003 05:52, Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett wrote:
> The Kopete team has decided its time we should move to kdenetwork if we
> want to be included in KDE 3.2. Martijn Klingens offered himself to do the
> move job on Tuesday night CST if you all guys agree

Hmm, my American timezone knowledge is crap, but I was talking about 'around 
noon CET', so I hope 'midnight CST' is the same :)

Apart from that, I cannot move files on the server so I still need to 
coordinate this with sysadmin at kde.org anyway :)

Lastly: unless you have a strong opinion on this I strongly prefer to move 
only the files and dirs that are not in the Attic and leave all older files 
and branches like kopete_0_6_branch to be found in kdenonbeta CVS.

This to reduce the burden a bit for the CVS server, as kdenetwork is checked 
out out more often than kdenonbeta and it makes no sense to keep old dirs 
like the wp/ protocol dir that once by accident imported all other plugins 
inside anyway.

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