kprocess::block & vim -g

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at
Sat Feb 22 01:06:50 GMT 2003

On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 11:04:26PM +0100, Mickael Marchand wrote:
> I just noticed that kprocess->start(KProcess::Block) no longer returns when 
> starting 'vim -g' inside it. That used to work in 3.1.x
which additional options (communication mode, pty settings) were used?
is it some code in cvs?

> I guess it's caused by the recent changes in kprocess ...
may well be.

> I don't know if it's a new bug or a bug fix for 3.1 :)
> i would say a fix since it makes sense to keep kprocess running while vim is 
> running even if it detaches from its terminal, 
no, that is definitely a bug. vim does not only detach from the terminal,
but also forks into the background, meaning that the original process


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