https with IBM jre solution !!

Magnus Kessler Magnus.Kessler at
Fri Feb 14 22:17:47 GMT 2003

Helio Chissini de Castro wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I'm glad to announce that the annoyng http problem is solved by Magnus
> Kessler after some mail exchange and the large good effort to solve these
> bug from him..
> The main annoyance was about new security provider from IBM, since SUN is
> not the only provider now ( no more extern packages ), so Magnus changed
> the Java code to "pattern recognize :-)" both of solutions, SUN using
> jsse.jar and IBM using security.jar
> Magnus doesn't have cvs access, so i'll applly the patch in
> kdelibs/khtml/java, and since it's not harmfull neither causes a BIC, i'll
> apply to BRANCH too.
> Magnus rises a question, and i believe that can be discussed here:
> <paste from mail..>
> And maybe the patch needs some more discussion as well. What happens when
> the next non-Sun java implementation comes around and does things
> differently yet again?
> <end paste>
> Since now major JRE's still are SUN and IBM, i'll commit the fix anyway.
> If a new player comes to the Java game, we can look the code again to a
> suitable solution.

I have reworked the patch a little bit to minimize the dependencies on any
particular JRE implementation. Since HTTPS relies on secure sockets, it's
sufficient to test whether any SecurityProvider offers the "SSLContext.SSL"
capability. If a provider is found we need not worry about the exact
implementation. As a fallback, for compatibility with existing installations, 
the code still tries to load the SunJSSE provider, allthough with Java 1.4 
(which has JSSE by default) becoming more widespread there should be less 
and less of a necessity for this.

The second change is to the https protocol handler. The patch allows the
user to set a property java.protocol.handler.pkgs (e.g. by putting onto the command
line). This property needs to contain a "|" separated list of java
packages. As a fallback the definitions for Sun's and IBM's implementations
are appended in code. Allowing the user to add to the pre-defined packages 
here should make it more futureproof.

Please review this patch and submit it to HEAD and KDE_3_1_BRANCH if
accepted. I do not have CVS write acces myself.

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