Checkboxes and clickable area

Neil Stevens neil at
Sat Feb 15 01:45:20 GMT 2003

On Friday February 14, 2003 05:37, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> > I find this behavior rather irritating (I accidentally toggled
> > checkboxes, when I just wanted to give focus to a dialog) and
> > submitted a bugreport to TT. Unfortunately, that behavior is "Windows
> > compatibility".
> Another options would be, if the Trolls are willing to apply a patch
> doing that, to add a new StyleHint enum, something like
> SH_DontToggleCheckBoxesOnClickingLabel, controllable by the widget style
> -- the same way other behavior emulation options are controlled - with
> the default ("false") behavior being what it is right now, and true --
> which we can have KStyle return being your preferred behavior.. A
> concern with a KCheckBox is that only some of the apps would use it,
> which would make things horribly inconsistent....

That consistency concern asn't stopped us from using KListView(Item) and 
KLineEdit, though, and doing it in the widget style would open up a set of 
inconsistencies of its own.

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