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Fri Feb 14 02:27:28 GMT 2003

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( Sending again.. Wrong account on the first... )

Hi everyone

I'm glad to announce that the annoyng http problem is solved by Magnus Kessler
after some mail exchange and the large good effort to solve these bug from

The main annoyance was about new security provider from IBM, since SUN is not
the only provider now ( no more extern packages ), so Magnus changed the Java
code to "pattern recognize :-)" both of solutions, SUN using jsse.jar and IBM
using security.jar

Magnus doesn't have cvs access, so i'll applly the patch in
kdelibs/khtml/java, and since it's not harmfull neither causes a BIC, i'll
apply to BRANCH too.

Magnus rises a question, and i believe that can be discussed here:

<paste from mail..>
And maybe the patch needs some more discussion as well. What happens when the
next non-Sun java implementation comes around and does things differently yet
<end paste>

Since now major JRE's still are SUN and IBM, i'll commit the fix anyway. If a
new player comes to the Java game, we can look the code again to a suitable

Well, i believe that's all.

Ps. George, i believe that we now can kill a lot of bugs as i mention in first
mail.. :-)


Helio Castro
Conectiva Development

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