Top secret cursors keys needed ;-)

Unai Garro uga at
Wed Feb 12 20:22:04 GMT 2003

Thanks very much indeed! BTW I tried the new tool to setup cursors in 
kcontrol. It's just fantastic :-)

> Yes, set the XCURSOR_DISCOVER environment variable before starting
> the application with the cursors you're interested in.
> I've analyzed the problem with the hash values not working for the
> DnD cursors.
> Xcursor is a client side library, and since the pixmaps only exist server
> side Xcursor can only see them when they're sent to the server.
> That means that whenever a 64x64 or smaller pixmap is created it has
> to place it in a client side cache to see if it will be used in a
> CreatePixmapCursor request.
> Unfortunately Qt creates the pixmaps first and then waits until the
> cursor is actually needed before sending that request to the server.
> At that time the pixmaps have often been pushed out of the cache
> since it can only hold 8 pixmaps, thus preventing Xcursor from
> computing a hash value from it.
> So you'll see the DnD cursors working in some applications like in the
> KMail composer window and KWord, but not in the Konqueror icon
> views.
> > 2) QT uses some non_standard cursors which have no replacement in the
> > standard XFree cursor sets, so it's not only a matter of symlinking. One
> > needs to generate new cursors only specific to QT. So I would consider
> > bug 54359 is still open.
> All modern GUI toolkits have had to complement the standard cursors
> with non-standard ones. We have our arrow cursors, Gnome has their
> open-hand and closed-hand cursors for example.
> Enlightenment 0.17 is also using arrow cursors for its window borders,
> so this isn't a problem that just affects Qt. It affects everyone.
> The standard X11 cursors were created way back in 1987, and a lot has
> happened since then in GUI design. We can't simply stop using DnD
> cursors because a standard that was created 16 years ago doesn't
> mention them.
> With the new Xcursor lib we have an opportunity to create a new
> standard that includes the newer cursors used by KDE, Gnome and
> others, and I've been planning to suggest that on the xdg-list.
> And like I've mentioned before on this list, I've discussed this with
> Keith Packard, and he has no problems with additional cursors
> being added to the redglass and whiteglass themes.
> Regards,
> Fredrik

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