Top secret cursors keys needed ;-)

Unai Garro uga at
Wed Feb 12 12:44:01 GMT 2003

> What exactly are you looking for? That (nice) cursor theme can be
> used with any KDE version (in fact I'm using it with 3.1 right now) ,

Well, yes, but it's not complete, and I cannot complete it unless I get the 
correct hash values for the QT cursors. That's what I'm asking for.

For example, try to drag and drop an icon in the desktop. It will fallback to 
the default black XFree cursor (well, it does for me in latest cvs head). I'm 
not sure if this is due to KDE or QT.

> it's not that it requires any modifications in KDE to make use of
> it.

Well, now I know, but why isn't this info published anywhere in It 
looks like a big secret (that's the reason of the subject ;-) ). The only 
info I could find in the mailing lists seems that I need to patch QT in order 
to enable the QT_USE_APPROXIMATE_CURSORS option (or enable it by hand)

> Another thing is a nice GUI frontend for setting up the directories
> and symlinks for installation, but I can't see why such a tool would
> be bound to the KDE 3.2 schedule :) .

> BTW, Fred is working on such a
> tool as kcontrol module (see make_it_cool branch in kcontrol/input) .

 That sounds to be nice actually. I'll give it a try. Thanks a lot.

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