Broken Binary Compatibility in 3.1.0

George Staikos staikos at
Tue Feb 11 20:05:57 GMT 2003

It has come to my attention that binary compatibility was broken in 3.1.0.  
Please remember that the following are also forms of breaking binary 
(application) compatibility:

- Removing or changing commandline parameters
- Removing or changing dcop methods
- Renaming modules that are loaded by others (like KControl module names!  Yes 
this happened, and broke 3rd party applications!)
- Changing application executable names
- Removing or renaming libraries

We have broken third party apps with 3.1.0.  For now, it looks like we can fix 
at least the KControl module name problem with additional .desktop files.  I 
ask the people who reorganised KControl in 3.1.0 to please have a look at 
their changes and provide compatibility to old module names again (without 
breaking the new names too).  Third party apps that run "kcmshell 
<modulename>" are the ones in question, not what the user sees in the 
KControl GUI.


George Staikos

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