[PATCH] kopenwith.cpp bugfix and enhancement

Willy De la Court Willy.DelaCourt at pandora.be
Tue Feb 11 15:39:04 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 11 February 2003 16:02, David Faure wrote:
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Damn i think i finally start to comprehend this nightmare.

> Please note that m_command is a member variable (as the m_ indicates), and
> that it's the one that the caller can use, to find out which command to

fine but the caller is going to get into trouble because the m_command is only 
filled in when the "In Terminal" is checked. Is this a problem?

> use. Therefore the new code like
>   m_command = conf.readEntry(QString::fromLatin1("TerminalApplication"),
> QString::fromLatin1("konsole")); (unconditionnally)
> is a very bad idea, since it breaks KOpenWithDlg::text().
> The reading of that setting in a single place is a good idea, I would do it
> in a local QString in slotOK. But the code that sets m_command should
> go back to the "if ( in terminal )" case.
yes it's getting clearer now i'll rewrite the patch now i only need to find a 
var to assign the nocloseonexit checkbox.

is changing a vars name and type binary compatible?
i think i found one it's 

    QPushButton *clear;

that is never used?

Or is that stretching it?

Now i'm begining to see the complexity of the question why not add a checkbox 
to that dialog!

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