[PATCH] kopenwith.cpp bugfix and enhancement

David Faure dfaure at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Tue Feb 11 12:46:57 GMT 2003

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On Monday 10 February 2003 19:48, Willy De la Court wrote:
> ChangeLog
> ------------------------------
> added new checkbox "Do not &close when command exits" to the "Open With..." 
> dialog this checkbox is only visible when using konsole as set in the 
> Component chooser.
> the checkbox is disabled until the "Run in Terminal" is activated
> added the --noclose to the TerminalOptions var but only if the 
> TerminalApplication is konsole

Hmm, I'm not overly happy with one more checkbox in that dialog, for the
sake of its usability, but it does sound like a very useful feature indeed.

> fixed a bug so that Terminal is set to true when "Run in Terminal" is checked

? Can you explain that one? You seem to have moved the code, but
it does the same as before about this, doesn't it?

> instead of adding the --noclose to the TerminalOptions I could add a new 
> option in the .desktop file but since there seems to be a block on changes 
> for .desktop files (standard) this is the best option
You can add new X-KDE-Foo fields in .desktop files, that's no problem. 
But I prefer it to be in terminaloptions, since that's what it really is....

> also this would mean changes in the krun.cpp but for the moment i want to stay 
> away from changes in something so critical

> the patch is fully functional and tested
> can someone with write access to the cvs  commit this patch please
> or if you don't agree with the patch please let me know
The patch isn't binary compatible, since you added a member variable to KOpenWithDlg.
You'll need to define the Private class used by the d pointer and move it there....
Hmm, a better idea: remove the QPushButton* ok; member variable instead,
it's not used.
I removed it, and it shows that the while (!ok) on line 556 was using it instead
of the bool. ARGL. This might explain a few bugs :}
Ok I'll fix that and commit your patch as well.

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