[PATCH] kopenwith.cpp bugfix and enhancement

Willy De la Court Willy.DelaCourt at pandora.be
Mon Feb 10 18:48:12 GMT 2003

added new checkbox "Do not &close when command exits" to the "Open With..." 
dialog this checkbox is only visible when using konsole as set in the 
Component chooser.
the checkbox is disabled until the "Run in Terminal" is activated

added the --noclose to the TerminalOptions var but only if the 
TerminalApplication is konsole

fixed a bug so that Terminal is set to true when "Run in Terminal" is checked

instead of adding the --noclose to the TerminalOptions I could add a new 
option in the .desktop file but since there seems to be a block on changes 
for .desktop files (standard) this is the best option
also this would mean changes in the krun.cpp but for the moment i want to stay 
away from changes in something so critical

the patch is fully functional and tested
can someone with write access to the cvs  commit this patch please
or if you don't agree with the patch please let me know

Small things make people happy.

Willy De la Court

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