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On Monday 10 February 2003 02:23, Dawit A. wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently KURL does not correctly deal with opaque (non-heirarchical) urls. An 
> example of such url is "mailto:". Currently all opaque urls are treated just 
> like absoulte path based hierarchical urls, i.e. like the "file:" 
> protocol/scheme.  This however is completely wrong according to the 
> specifications in RFC 2396. The characters allowed in opaque urls is 
> different from what is allowed in paths. 
So it's only the parser part that should be fixed, no?
I don't see why fixing the parser also means changing the public behaviour of KURL.

> We should not expect a programmer to 
> invoke path() to retrieve the opaque part of such urls when by definition 
> they can/do not have paths at all!
> The attached patch is meant to fix this problem without breaking current 
> functionality. As such it has backwards compatibility for using path() to 
> return the opaque section. The proper way to check for such URLs however is 
> using the newly added isOpaque() function and calling host() to get the 
> opaque section. Calling host() might be questionable as well, but that IMHO 
> is more appropriate than storing it in the path component.

Why? You say it's better, but I don't see why host() is better than path()
in mailto:foo. It's really a matter of definition, and KURL defined that one calls
path to get 'foo'. It works, I see no reason for changing it.

> BTW, this fix passes all the tests in kurltest, except the two local url once 
> that have been marked "Broken stuff". A patch to comment those out is 
> attached as well.

Those are tests for broken urls, but the tests actually passed, so it is a regression
if such urls are not handled the same anymore.....

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