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Mon Feb 10 01:23:10 GMT 2003


Currently KURL does not correctly deal with opaque (non-heirarchical) urls. An 
example of such url is "mailto:". Currently all opaque urls are treated just 
like absoulte path based hierarchical urls, i.e. like the "file:" 
protocol/scheme.  This however is completely wrong according to the 
specifications in RFC 2396. The characters allowed in opaque urls is 
different from what is allowed in paths. We should not expect a programmer to 
invoke path() to retrieve the opaque part of such urls when by definition 
they can/do not have paths at all!

The attached patch is meant to fix this problem without breaking current 
functionality. As such it has backwards compatibility for using path() to 
return the opaque section. The proper way to check for such URLs however is 
using the newly added isOpaque() function and calling host() to get the 
opaque section. Calling host() might be questionable as well, but that IMHO 
is more appropriate than storing it in the path component.

BTW, this fix passes all the tests in kurltest, except the two local url once 
that have been marked "Broken stuff". A patch to comment those out is 
attached as well.

Dawit A.
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