Moving from tab to tab

Philippe Fremy phil at
Mon Feb 10 13:00:44 GMT 2003


We have a big inconstency in KDE, and it affects one of the most useful 
feature recentely added : tabs!

In konsole, we move from tab to tab using shift + cursor left / cursor right

In Kopete, Martjin told me they use CTRL + page up / page down

I just read in kde-cvs that kbabel use CTRL + / -

KSirc uses ALT + cursor left / cursor right, just like XChat.

I havn't figured it out in konqueror yet (is it possible ?).

Mozilla uses CTRL + pageup / down,  like Kopete

I think Opera uses shift + mouse wheel for that. Else, CTRL + TAB is the 
standard short cut on windows to move from one MDI window to another and it 
works on Opera/Windows. It can not apply to KDE though.

We urgently need to standardised on that and apply the standards to all 
apps. I personally like the konsole way, which is easy and unobtrusive 
Besides, it is one of the first application in KDE to have it. I don't 
think any application is using this shift thing yet, so many application 
could keep their current way of switching tab and adding this standard one.

It would for example be a good idea for konqueror to accept the mozilla way.

I hope we can address this before KDE 3.2 .


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