KDE 3.1 build issues w/ DRT templates

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Sat Feb 8 10:29:07 GMT 2003

Amir Michail wrote:
>After installing kmines into the drt install directory, one would
>expect that LD_LIBRARY_PATH would now allow us to pick the
>instrumented version of kdeui if we wish.  However, this doesn't seem
>to work.
>Could the problem be that there is a mixture of libraries, some of
>which have --disable-rpath and some of which don't?

Yes, this is very likely the source of your problem. You should have to 
disable rpath in every library for LD_LIBRARY_PATH to work.

>Is there an easier way to do this (without having to compile
>unnecessary directories since the user is assumed to have
>KDE installed already)?

Yes, actually, I can think of two other solutions:
1) link your program with all the instrumented libraries you need and use 
rpath in it, so that the right libraries are guaranteed to be loaded by the 
dynamic linker.

2) use LD_PRELOAD and name all instrumented libraries you need loading.

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