KDE 3.1 build issues w/ DRT templates

Amir Michail amichail at cse.unsw.EDU.AU
Sat Feb 8 01:56:19 GMT 2003


I tried using --disable-rpath so that LD_LIBRARY_PATH would work,
but it still doesn't.

As an example of our procedure, suppose we would like to run an
instrumented version of kmines along with an instrumented version of
kdeui.  All other shared libraries used by kmines would be

We assume that the user has already installed an uninstrumented
version of KDE 3.1 libraries + libkdegames.  The fact that
--disable-rpath was probably not used in this installation hopefully
does not matter in what follows.

The following steps are then taken (--disable-rpath used everywhere below):

* build arts 1.1 and put it into DRT library directory; it appears
  that this is necessary to build anything from kdelibs; otherwise
  kdelibs configure complains saying that arts 1.1 must first be
  installed in the same install directory as kdelibs

* configure kdelibs with DRT library directory path + disable rpath; 
  find out libraries that kdeui depends on; copy .la files of these
  libraries using the standard KDEDIR into the appropriate directories
  in kdelibs package; this is necessary so that kdeui will build
  without having to compile these other directories; observe
  that we are copying .la files of libraries that may have been
  compiled with rpath 

* similarly, for kdegames, copy libkdegames .la file into the package
  so that kmines will build without having to recompile libkdegames

After installing kmines into the drt install directory, one would
expect that LD_LIBRARY_PATH would now allow us to pick the
instrumented version of kdeui if we wish.  However, this doesn't seem
to work.

Could the problem be that there is a mixture of libraries, some of
which have --disable-rpath and some of which don't?  

Is there an easier way to do this (without having to compile
unnecessary directories since the user is assumed to have
KDE installed already)?


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