Binary incompat Fridays?

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at
Thu Feb 6 07:47:14 GMT 2003


Am Don, 2003-02-06 um 08.35 schrieb Charles Samuels:
> There are compilers that stupidly mangle the protection in the methods.  Gcc 
> is not one of them (?).  What can our policy be that, seeing as how almost 
> none of us [developers] use gcc -- does this count as a BC issue (and would 
> be therefor committed only on a Friday), or could it be committed whenever?
> - -Charles
The only compiler I know of which does that is M$'s c++ compiler. 

I doubt that KDE is compilable with that one. Are there any other  compiliers,

which encode the protection level into the mangled function names ?

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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