Nove Hrady - A possible Meeting for KDE fellows

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Wed Feb 5 19:36:27 GMT 2003

Em Qua 05 Fev 2003 17:27, George Staikos escreveu:
>     I went through the Czech Republic by train last summer and it was quite
> easy to navigate.  Don't worry about that.  However, going to London or
> Frankfurt will certianly be more expensive despite the lower cost of
> flight. Don't forget that we're not all in Europe, and that the Czech
> currency is no-where near as strong as the Euro or British Pound.  Flights
> to England and Frankfurt are definitely cheaper from North America, but not
> by anything really significant enough to offset the difference in cost of
> living for a week.  Also, I found cz to be very nice.  I think everyone
> would enjoy it there.

I'm intend to go, but as George states, not everyone lives in Europe, and from 
Brasil air tickets are a bit expensive, so a cheaper place will be better. 
And about the language issue, just need to bring a sign language book and it's 
ok. :-)
Btw, Will be fun stay in a country where the main language spoken are 
completly unknown for the majority od developers :-)

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