Nove Hrady - A possible Meeting for KDE fellows

Tim Jansen tim at
Wed Feb 5 19:01:55 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 17:55, Mirko Boehm wrote:
> >> RyanAir ticket. Frankfurt too is good for ryanair (i.e. route from
> >> italy,northern spain, souther france, norway,sweeden, UK).
> > Aren't those tickets only in strictly limited quantites and hard to get
> > hold  of?
> To rely on such tickets for a long-term planned meeting is very
> optimistic. I am not sure if it is a good idea?

Those tickets should be easy to get if you buy them in advance. You can't, of 
course, buy them two hours before flying.

IMHO it is a very good idea. Transportation is my no 1 concern regarding Nove 
Hrady. Cheap airlines only fly to Prague, and I am not keen on a 2 hours trip 
through a country that's far away and whose language I don't understand. But 
maybe that's just because I hate travelling in general :)


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