WM managed split view

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Mon Feb 3 20:21:09 GMT 2003

This is another request to consider...

On linux-audio-dev there were once a request for a way to
stack audio (think of an audio rack) applications written with
different toolsets.

Requirements in this case:
* automatically stack application windows,
* written with different toolsets,
* having different names,
* with NO specific main window,
* possibility to reconfigure to use tabbed or SDI mode,
* and in "any" window manager...

As I see it the main reason for creating a library in KDE 3.2
is not that it would be "The right way". But that it would
collect requirements for future implementations in ONE place
(for KDE applications that is). If/when windowmanagers
begin to have these features the library can use them.
When using windowmanagers that does not have the needed
features - it will be the library's duty to provide them.


Roger Larsson

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