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On Friday 31 January 2003 9:05, Ravikiran Rajagopal wrote:
> > What's going on, from what I know, is that noatun destroys the config
> > window of winskin and charlatan, resulting in the KJanusWidget noticing
> > windows are gone, doing something bad.  Then QWidgetStack tries to clean
> > up, and finds a stray pointer in its widget list.
> This is the problem that should have been fixed by the addition of the
> function KJanusWidget::removePage(), specifically by the call to
> removeWidget(). It fixed (what I believe is an) identical problem for my
> application. Could you please check whether the code posted in
> crashes for you too?

It does not (cvs HEAD).

> I believe that this is actually a Qt problem. Reverting back to an old
> version of QWidgetStack (prior to the new event filter stuff) makes
> everything work fine for me. I filed a bug report; after a little
> discussion, the bug was assigned very low priority as the removePage()
> function provided a workaround and as I could not come up with a pure Qt
> example that crashed.

Can you perhaps provide this fix in terms of a patch so that I may attempt to 
provide reproduce?  I would really love to squash this noatun bug.

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