KDE + Qt/Mac -- how to handle it?

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Wed Dec 31 20:44:38 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 31 December 2003 15:33, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Just curius, can you give some more detail on that?  I know that
> there were too big parts to that patches.  The configure (admin dir)
> changes and the individual application changes.  The admin dir
> changes seem to be the big changes while the the majority of the
> application changes seem to be just ifdefs for when Q_WS_X11 isn't
> defined.

Most of the ifdefs was unnecessary, a lot of it was simply wrong 
(ifdef'ing something that shouldn't be ifdef'ed out but ported since 
other parts depend on having it working and it can't be simply 
missing), there were some typos ( Q_WS_X11 vs Q_WS_QX11 ) and a lot of 
private comments which have no place in kdelibs. It was mostly reverted 
by Dirk, Coolo and David in the period of two weeks from the original 
commit so look in the kde-cvs archives for their commits from that 
period to find out exactly what happened. 


I doubt, therefore I may be.

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