KDE + Qt/Mac -- how to handle it?

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Wed Dec 31 20:33:35 GMT 2003

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> > I'd rather do 1 just because it's easier, the only reason I'm a bit
> > reticent to do so is because we're still in freeze for KDE 3.2.  It's
> > not like we're doing anything that isn't already in the tree (Holger
> > Schroeder's initial work on chopping out some of the X11-specific
> > stuff is already in CVS, and has been for months).
> Not really, most of it has been reverted since it caused a lot of
> problems. It's not as trivial as it may seem which is again why I'm not
> really looking too favorably at just committing it to head at this
> point.

Just curius, can you give some more detail on that?  I know that there were 
too big parts to that patches.  The configure (admin dir) changes and the 
individual application changes.  The admin dir changes seem to be the big 
changes while the the majority of the application changes seem to be just 
ifdefs for when Q_WS_X11 isn't defined.  

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