KDE + Qt/Mac -- how to handle it?

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Wed Dec 31 20:15:47 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 31 December 2003 15:04, Benjamin Reed wrote:
> My thought is there's 2 different ways to go about it:
> 1. Just commit to head; it introduces a little bit of entropy but
> while ugly, the patches are pretty safe.

Personally I'd like to see the patches before they'll go in.

> 2. Make a branch for Qt/Mac development.

For now I'd say yeah. KDE on Mac's is definitely not a showstopper bug 
that we would have to have in 3.2 and having this stuff mature a bit 
before it will go in is a better idea.

> I'd rather do 1 just because it's easier, the only reason I'm a bit
> reticent to do so is because we're still in freeze for KDE 3.2.  It's
> not like we're doing anything that isn't already in the tree (Holger
> Schroeder's initial work on chopping out some of the X11-specific
> stuff is already in CVS, and has been for months).

Not really, most of it has been reverted since it caused a lot of 
problems. It's not as trivial as it may seem which is again why I'm not 
really looking too favorably at just committing it to head at this 


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