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George Staikos staikos at
Wed Dec 31 04:05:01 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 30 December 2003 06:56, you wrote:
> I see some usability problems with keeping kpdf:
> * First of all the majority of users will only use ghostview - it's the
> default one and got the highest priority for handling the mimetype.
> Ghostview will in practice be the only one used, and when the user uses the
> KMenu to get an pdf app he/she will be confused. Further, it means two
> slightly different interfaces for the same thing.
> In either case, it is a bad idea to have duplicate functionality(which it
> for many appears to be) visible so I will probably suggest a NoDisplay=true
> for kpdf.. It's not a threat but an idea how to handle the usability
> problem ;-)

  I agree that it needs to be removed.  I have already asked for it (along 
with other dead code) to be moved to kdenonbeta but I did not receive a 

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