What not to be doing - syscall()

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at kdemail.net
Wed Dec 24 05:08:20 GMT 2003

Daniel Stone wrote:
>This is a pretty good example of what *not* to do. syscall() is not
>portable across architectures (it caused a recent FTBFS[1] on
>mips/mipsel for Debian packages). To do this, use sysinfo(&info)


your changes introduced a new FTBFS in kdeutils/ksim/systeminfo.cpp. The 
following patch causes this:

 #ifdef __linux__
   sysinfo system;
-  if (syscall(SYS_sysinfo, &system) < 0) {
-    fprintf(stderr, "Error calling syscall()\n");
+  if (sysinfo(&system) < 0) {
+    fprintf(stderr, "Error calling sysinfo()\n");

The construct is obviously wrong because "sysinfo" cannot be at the same time 
a type identifier and a function. Prefixing the type identifier with "struct" 
fixes the problem.

I am attaching the patch I have committed to CVS.
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