What not to be doing - syscall()

Adriaan de Groot adridg at cs.kun.nl
Tue Dec 23 23:16:55 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 23 December 2003 00:09, Daniel Stone wrote:
> There are more instances in kdeadmin/kuser/quota.cpp,

Yes indeed:

#    include <syscall.h>

int quotactl(int cmd, const char * special, int id, caddr_t addr) {
  return syscall(SYS_quotactl, cmd, special, id, addr);

#  endif

that seems pretty safely #ifdeffed. If there are linux systems without quota.h 
and without quotactl in their libc, then .. maybe quota support should just 
be turned off instead. But do such beasts exist? uLinux, perhaps?

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