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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Mon Dec 22 10:52:55 GMT 2003

On Sunday 21 of December 2003 05:16, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi...
> i just noticed that khotkeys puts it control panel in the Components group.
> it should be in the Regional & Accessability group ...

 Should it?

> more controversial, due to the string freeze: it probably shouldn't be
> called KHotKeys, but just Hot Keys, since the names in kcontrol should be
> task oriented, not reference applications... it's already been translated
> into 11 langs, though =/
> i played with the idea of adding "Gestures" into the name, but that's
> likely too long (if more pedantically accurate ;)

 If you want to be pedantically accurate, then the name should be something 
like 'hot keys, gestures and windows' if you find sufficient listing only 
triggers, otherwise the name should be even 2 times longer. KHotKeys is not 
only about hot keys, and if I understand the difference between a hotkey and 
a shortcut, it has never been. It's about assigning actions to triggers.

> patch attached...

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