RFC on default settings

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at virgilio.it
Sat Dec 20 22:02:21 GMT 2003

On Friday 19 December 2003 18:43, Friedrich W. H.  Kossebau wrote:
> Am Freitag, 19. Dezember 2003 17:52 schrieb Lubos Lunak:
> >  IMHO kde-look.org is far from being a good place where to do the poll.
> > Given the audience, I'm afraid if one of the choices was a style with
> > everything animated, shaded, and with a lot of colors, it would have a
> > good chance to win.
> I think a less noisy way would be to poll on the mls kde-devel and/or
> core-devel and/or another one. There I expect the most people already
> having experience which style wins in respect to
> usability/performance/esthetics... and who hopefully do not judge by
> superficial impressions.
> One registered adress (on all lists) = one vote... :)
> Friedrich
> PS: Perhaps this could be automated and reused on other occasions...

Well, I think changing the default style/decoration would be better done at 
the beginning of a development cycle, instead of at the end. 
This way, any issue could be addressed in time. I think changing the style 
just before the release is not the best plan.
Just think about the snapshots for the documentation... 
Now multiply by the number of languages we have to support.
Do you still think changing style now to be a good idea?

However, you can run a poll now, it will be useful for kde3.3, which I hope to 
be a quicker release than 3.2.


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