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Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Thu Dec 18 21:52:13 GMT 2003

On Thursday 18 December 2003 19:45, Christian Esken wrote:

> Still there are some nagging question: Why NOW? Why directly before the
> KDE3.2 release? The Control Center Module is there in this form for quite
> some time. So why remove it in a hurry? Why confuse users by "slowly
> degrading" the Mixer Control Center Module. Why annoy the translators by
> doing many changes directly before the release?
> I would rather remove it completely after KDE3.2 in one big blast.

Chris Got the point.. I'm quite busy right now, and really don't know WHY do 
this now. For me is a useless thread to take time of Chris ( as i'm busy to 
make some args/review over all thread ).
Let this modifications postponed after 3.2 and enough discussion..
I already have major changes to some new user requests based on new layout, 
but it's not time to bother anyone right now..

Guys, if people will be unsatisfied, let them open bugs on BKO, we fix it 
after :-)

Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Developer
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