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Lauris Kaplinski lauris at
Thu Dec 18 16:56:23 GMT 2003


Ralf Nolden kirjutas K, 17.12.2003 kell 23:12:
> One way to do that is to make those apps use our filedialog and printdialog 
> (printing does work in most cases, filedialog is a research project people 
> should look at and maybe make proposals how to change gtk to call the kde 
> file dialog, patches welcome for demo.

Somewhat hackish, but working implementation is in sodipodi
( No KIO integration - only file dialogs
and print dialog + bridge to KDE print.

If someone want to do non-hackish or more advanced thing
(make Gtk+ library to use KDE file dialogs by default),
functional main loop integration is must-be. But still you
will be easily caught, as soon as someone tries to extend
file dialog with some extra Gtk+ widgets ;-)

Best wishes,
Lauris Kaplinski

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