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El mié, 17-12-2003 a las 16:12, Ralf Nolden escribió:

> The other way is to check out the cool things that are happening at 
> which is in particular the organization that will support us 
> with any integrative work, may it be themes, styles, settings and new 
> features in X. 

Xouvert may have a start.  The work of Packard (i think) in regards to
window shadows and all of those stateful keeping on the X server crap
seems to be very promising.  Architecturally this would require utter
cooperation with the Qt guys and renewed efforts.

Some other points:
* KDE must be able to run GNOME applets in Kicker
* KDE should work actively so the KDE IOslaves can be used as backends
to gnome-vfs transparently.   This means NOT waiting for the 
* ACtively work on cross-DE component technology

Best case scenario this will let KDE put its foot on the door before
it's shut.  Worst case scenario at least the best technologies that KDE
has given birth to are reused.

> Ralf
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