How to display file names

Christian Mueller cmueller at
Mon Dec 15 21:53:15 GMT 2003

Am Montag, 15. Dezember 2003 10:09 schrieb David Faure:

> In KDE, it's 3). KDE encodes '/' in filenames as %2F.
> If you create a file in KDE which is named bla / foo you'll get a %2F on
> the filesystem. If you create a file in KDE which is named "blah %2F foo"
> you'll get %252F on the filesystem. 

I just tried and I got "blah %%2F foo". (recent CVS HEAD) 

> This gives a slight incompatibility 
> with the filesystem like you found above, but it allows users to use _any_
> character in filenames, including slash. KDE: accept no limitations :)

Makes sense.  In a way.  :-)

But with this approach strange things may happen: 
Go to a konsole, and say "touch %". 
Then open konqi in file manager mode and create a file called %. 
You'll then have *two* icons with the same name %.  
On the file system level you'll have two files called % and %%.  

Not that a lot of users will come across this kind of thing...


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