How to display file names

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Sun Dec 14 17:22:05 GMT 2003

Christian Mueller wrote:
>I never noticed before, but it's exactly how André described it.
>A file created on the command line with
>touch 'bla %2F foo'
>shows up like that in the different places.
>IMHO 1) is the only correct way.  After all this *is* the file name.
>I'd call 2) and 3) bugs.  Or am I missing something?

#1 is the correct form since it's the proper filename, while #2 would be the 
URL-encoded form (as showing in Konqueror's Location field): % is a special 
character in URLs and must therefore be encoded (just like # and ?). In other 
contexts, the spaces would be replaced by %20 as well, so it would read:


Also note that '/' is an invalid character for a path component. It can only 
be used as a path separator.
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