[PATCH] Re: KMix

Christian Esken c.esken at cityweb.de
Sat Dec 13 08:50:09 GMT 2003

On Sunday 07 December 2003 21:06, Frans Englich wrote:
> On Sunday 07 December 2003 19:49, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Saturday 06 December 2003 12:25, Frans Englich wrote:
> > just saving on Quit is probably good enough... Restore should probably
> > remain, so you can play with the volumes safely with a way to backtrack;
> > and if there's a Restore and Save should also probably be there...
> Yes, that's weights back a little to more advanced users. But otoh, it
> introduces an inconsistency compared to other situations when something is
> changed be it settings or a document - if it's altered the user can choose
> to manually save(by the save action) otherwise the use will be prompted

No: settings and documents are different things. KDE HIG says, the 
configuration has to be stored automatically. KMix does so for all *regular* 
configuration data.

Saving volumes automatically is out-of-question because any application can 
change the volumes - for example video players often manipulate the volumes. 
If by accident any MM application sets high volume on exit, KMix would 
auto-save those volumes: On the next boot KMix will help blasting your ears 
or speakers. This is a NO NO.

> when he/she tries to exit. With this proposed behavior the user would

Prompting on exit doesn't work. No regular user exits KMix, he shuts down his 
desktop: so there is no chance for KMix to ask the user a question. BTW: I 
would be terribly be annoyed to be asked such a question by a Mixer 
application. No real harm is done if the volume levels are lost.

> I want to nuke the menu entries. From my experience as sound engineer you
> don't use regulators in that way. And in those cases, it often involes

Which way ?!? You cannot mean saving regulators - that is quite common, isn't 

> arithmethics which is possible because the knops/levers/displays are
> dB-graded, which Kmix is not. KMix is a simple app for simple use, (lets
> keep  
> it that beautiful) - 99% of the users will regulate according to their ears, 
> a method which is amazingly underrepresented among sound engineers.

I don't understand your argument here: What difference would it be if the 
levels would be dB-graded?!?
BTW: This is no speciality of KMix: Most *soundcard drivers* do not supply 
dB-graded regulators. More precisely, the soundcard drivers don't give a damn 
about how the regulators are scaled.


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