KConfigXT & Qt3.3.b1

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Mon Dec 8 20:47:04 GMT 2003

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KConfigDialogManager already supports using the QButtonGroup widget for the 
key/value. But it's nice to know that Qt 3.3 will make that easier.


On Mon December 08 2003 20:32, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> In Qt 3.3 beta 1 (Changelog:
> http://www.trolltech.com/developer/changes/changes-3.3.0-b1.html) a feature
> I had requested was put into the QButtonGroup:
> - QButtonGroup
>         Added QButtonGroup::selectedId property to allow mapping with
>         SQL property sets.
> What this means is those using KConfigXT can now have the QButtonGroup be
> the key rather then the radiobutton's in the QButtonGroup.
> For example you have a groupbox named "foo" and three radio buttons with
> names "a", "b", and "c".  Up until now a,b, and c were all separate keys in
> the config file with true/false values.  Now you could have the groupbox be
> the key with the value a,b, or c.   Just an fyi sense a number of people
> had requested this feature.
> Of course if anyone uses this it forces the Qt requirement to be Qt 3.3 for
> KDE 3.2.  But then again if KDE 3.2 doesn't use 3.3 then future head work
> will have to have ifdefs...  Either way this isn't my decision to make,
> just letting you all know that this got into Qt.
> -Benjamin Meyer

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