KConfigXT & Qt3.3.b1

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Mon Dec 8 19:32:09 GMT 2003

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In Qt 3.3 beta 1 (Changelog: 
http://www.trolltech.com/developer/changes/changes-3.3.0-b1.html) a feature I 
had requested was put into the QButtonGroup:

- - QButtonGroup
        Added QButtonGroup::selectedId property to allow mapping with
        SQL property sets.

What this means is those using KConfigXT can now have the QButtonGroup be the 
key rather then the radiobutton's in the QButtonGroup.

For example you have a groupbox named "foo" and three radio buttons with names 
"a", "b", and "c".  Up until now a,b, and c were all separate keys in the 
config file with true/false values.  Now you could have the groupbox be the 
key with the value a,b, or c.   Just an fyi sense a number of people had 
requested this feature.

Of course if anyone uses this it forces the Qt requirement to be Qt 3.3 for 
KDE 3.2.  But then again if KDE 3.2 doesn't use 3.3 then future head work 
will have to have ifdefs...  Either way this isn't my decision to make, just 
letting you all know that this got into Qt.

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