unsermake, need help to port app

Martijn Klingens klingens at kde.org
Mon Dec 8 19:45:05 GMT 2003

On Monday 08 December 2003 20:02, Unai Garro wrote:
> =======
> if link_lib_MYSQL
> mysql_sources=mysqlrecipedb.cpp
> endif
> libkrecipesdbs_la_SOURCES=recipedb.cpp $(mysql_sources)
> =======

This would work for about all lines (LDFLAGS, LIBADD, SUBDIRS, ...) except for 
_SOURCES. AFAIK the reason is that am_edit and other preprocessors are run 
during make -f Makefile.cvs, i.e. _BEFORE_ configure. There's no way they can 
do their work properly with a variable SOURCES line and as such unsermake 
doesn't support it.

As for a solution, one that would work is using a mysql subdir with a 
convenience library as that would avoid a dynamic SOURCES line. I don't know 
anything better, but perhaps one of the build system gurus does.


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