unsermake, need help to port app

Unai Garro Unai.Garro at ee.ed.ac.uk
Mon Dec 8 19:02:14 GMT 2003

I'm trying to make krecipes unsermake friendly,  but I can't find the way to 
do it. Either someone helps me, or I'll have to begin shooting down all those 
unsermake users that complain =)

Krecipes has 2 files that are built optionally, according to what the user has 
installed: mysqlrecipedb.cpp, and mysqlrecipedb.cpp

now, I have done this previously, successfully using automake.

if link_lib_MYSQL

libkrecipesdbs_la_SOURCES=recipedb.cpp $(mysql_sources)

link_lib_MYSQL are done using scripts in configure.in.in

Now, unsermake complains while doing make -f Makefile.cvs:

"krecipes/src/DBBackend/Makefile.am: "$(mysql_sources)" doesnt match extre"

I have no idea what "extre" could be. Any ideas? workarounds? or shall I buy a 
anti-user-gun? :)

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