[PATCH] Re: Style names

Maks Orlovich mo002j at mail.rochester.edu
Tue Dec 2 14:14:21 GMT 2003

> The attached patch:
> * fixes translations by actually showing the translated name in the
> combobox instead of the internal id.

I think this is a little easier if one keeps a reverse name->id mapping, and 
drops the currentStyle string entirely, since it always mirrors the combo. 
There is an another problem with the current kcm, BTW: it doesn't 
show up installed styles w/o .themerc files, which can hurt compatibility with 
some 3rd-party ones. The attached is my try at that... It doesn't try to 
preserve any hidden styles, though, as I don't believe we should be hiding 
either B3 or Light2.
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