[Kde-accessibility] Re: kdeaccessibility module as official part of KDE

Bill Haneman bill.haneman at sun.com
Fri Aug 29 16:33:19 BST 2003

For what it's worth, the 'Metacity' window manager has a number of
themes that allow different rendering styles, etc. configurable via XML
files.  For some users this might be an option since most of the time
Metacity+GTK+ libraries will be present.

There's no 'one size fits all' theme for "High Visibility" that suits
everyone, the best solution is an infrastructure and theme engine that
allows people to do easy customizations; that makes it easy to provide
lots of different alternate visuals to meet the various needs.  The
basic requirements are control over (and consistent adherence to)
foreground/background/highlight colors (and things like selection colors
too), font size and style, icon/graphic size, and line width.  Visible
focus lines are something that often get forgotten; if you need 'bold'
visuals, a one-pixel focus line won't help much :-)

There's interest in making some of these things (for instance currently
in gtk theme 'RC' files) into XSETTINGS which would make it easier to do
good interoperability and make them truly toolkit-independent.



On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 16:13, Gunnar Schmi Dt wrote:
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> Hello,
> On Friday 29 August 2003 16:46, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > [...]
> > > Planned features are a window decoration with wide borders
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> >  Why do you need a separate window decoration just to get wider borders?
> > Wouldn't it be much simpler to adjust the existing ones, at least some of
> > them (e.g. KConfig setting)? Note also that kwin_iii is still in the branch
> > (for only few more days hopefully), and the decoration styles will need
> > porting to it.
> Well, I thought that it might be easier for the user to select the one 
> decoration that is called "Wide borders" than to go through the list and find 
> the one(s) that allow to specify a large border width.
> Additionally I am not sure if we want to have these wide borders added to all 
> decoration styles (we are talking here about borders up to 30 or 40 pixels 
> wide).
> The only decoration style that currently allows to change the border width is 
> the CDE decoration style from kdeartwork, but there title bar buttons might 
> not be easy to read for people with visual impairments. Other decoration 
> styles that have a clear separation between the border and the contents of 
> the window (which is needed when we use wide borders) are KDE2, Keramik, 
> Laptop and Quarts, so if we decide to make changes to these five decoration 
> styles I would be happy.
> An other question is whether we allow the user to specify at which sides of 
> the window he wants to have those wide borders (as those wide borders take 
> screen space, the user might want to have the resize-borders only e.g. at the 
> left and at the bottom of a window).
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