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Matthias Kretz kretz at kde.org
Thu Aug 28 19:19:23 BST 2003


since a few days there are some new classes in kdelibs/kutils to standardize 
configuration dialogs in KDE. Now I'm not satisfied with the names of those 
classes and Cornelius even less :-)
So this is a plea for help in finding good names that also describe what those 
classes do:
The names I used so far:
- KConfigureDialog
- KCDDispatcher
- KCDPluginPage
- KSelectEntriesDialog

KConfigureDialog is the dialog that appears when pressing on "Configure 
MyApp..." in the Settings menu.

KCDDispatcher is a singleton that tells the components of the app when they 
should reread their configuration.

KCDPluginPage is a baseclass for plugin pages in the config dialog.

KSelectEntriesDialog is not in CVS yet and is really hard to explain. :-) It 
is opened inside the config dialog to select which components of the app 
should be enabled/disabled. It looks a little like a KDialogBase TreeList 
dialog but the TreeList is used for selecting the components that should be 
active. The page on the right is used to show a description of the component.

PS.: In case you didn't realize KCD=KConfigureDialog - and many people 
immediately think of a CD player or a K change directory :-)

Matthias Kretz (Germany)                          <><
MatthiasKretz at gmx.net, kretz at kde.org,
Matthias.Kretz at urz.uni-heidelberg.de

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