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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu Aug 28 05:25:19 BST 2003

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On Wednesday 27 August 2003 05:47, Gav Wood wrote:
> valid (and useful) kicker size, would it be possible to either make 16x16
> the standard size, make 16x16 *a* standard size (alongsize 22x22) or at
> least implement a dynamic scaling mechanism to rescale the 22x22 icons down
> to 16x16 in the case of a tiny kicker?

yes, i'm staring at a couple of wishlist items in b.k.o for exactly this and 
was thinking exactly what you were thinking (insert theme music to Pinky and 
the Brain)... since i'm on a kicker tear recently, i'll impelement this if 
Antonio doesn't (or doesn't want to) ... Antonio?

> > I've already modified the following applications to use this scheme:
> > kxkb
> > ...
> > kppp
> don't forget irkick, to be found in kdeutils/kdelirc...

i mentioned it to him on irc, as well... =)

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