Icons on the system tray

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at kde.org
Wed Aug 27 20:32:32 BST 2003


Recently Martijn Klingens made me notice the situation of the icons in the 
system tray. The problem is that every application currently loads the 
icon in a different way, as a result, some are applied the Toolbar icon 
effects, others are applied the Small icon effects, others are User icons 
(with no effects). Evenmore, some of them had hardcoded sizes which made 
it even less homogeneous.

What I've done is to add a method to KSystemTray that you can pass the name 
of your icon (standard themed icon, not user icons!) and it returns the 
pixmap with the correct effects applied for the panel icons and the 
correct size for the icons (so that they're all the same size, look at 

I've gone all though cvs and fixed all the applications that I found to use 
this scheme. In the meantime, I've also fixed a couple of icon issues of 
some of these applications.

Usually you should just do setPixmap( loadIcon( "mystate" ) ) in the
constructor of the class that inherits from KSystemTray in your app.
mystate should be the name of a standard 22x22 action (or app) icon 
usually, that is, you should have cr22-action-mystate.png icon in your 
sources and use
myappicondir = $(kde_datadir)/myapp/icons
myappicon_ICON = AUTO
in your Makefile.am.

If your application has some special needs and you prefer to load the icon 
by yourself (like kxkb, which loads the icon and then uses them for the 
system tray and for the popup menu), then you better load them using the 
NoGroup group (please don't ask if "NoGroup" is a group :) ) calling 
KGlobal::instance()->iconLoader()->loadIcon(...) and then 
apply the effect by yourself using KIconEffect::apply(pixmap/image, 
KIcon::Small/Kicon::Panel, KIcon::DefaultState);

If you are working on an application in cvs which hasn't been fixed, or are 
working on an application outside of KDE's cvs which opens an icon in the 
system tray, please modify your app to use the guides above or include 
code similar to the implementation of KSystemTray::loadIcon in your app if 
you have to mantain compatibility to 3.x (x<2).

I've already modified the following applications to use this scheme:
kppp (I fixed this one, but won't commit until someone which uses kppp can 
test that it works as expected, if you can help, please send me a email).

I'll commit those fixes in the next minutes. If something doesn't compile 
for you, remember to do "cvs update  ksystemtray.cpp ksystemtray.h" on 


Antonio Larrosa Jimenez
KDE developer - larrosa at kde.org
Premature optimization is the root of all evil. -- D.E. Knuth

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