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On Wednesday August 27, 2003 8:27 am, David Faure wrote:
> The status of maintainer of an application (within the KDE CVS)
> DOES NOT give you all possible rights with it.

But Mr. Cullmann claimed the same thing and you make no revert request.

> The above is against the KDE policy of no politics (and no, the
> front page has nothing to do with such politics), 

But it is.  You can't have free software without freedom at home, and I 
couldn't have written any of those apps without the US Army's protection.

Likewise, Mr. Cullmann claims that you can't have free software with 
software patents at home, and therefore any European developer can't write 
their apps if the patents are made into law.

I'm perfectly agreeable to reverting both, and adding to the CVS Policy 
that no such political commits be allowed ever again.  But you can't have 
it both ways, Mr. Faure.  Removing's top page has more impact 
than four about boxes ever will.

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