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On Wednesday August 27, 2003 7:09 am, Russell Miller wrote:
> 3.)  On the issue with relicensing - this is the issue that forced me to
> break my silence on this matter.  I don't know how many people have
> contributed to these apps, but I am betting quite a few have, and as
> such, it is no longer Neil's place to decide what the licensing of an
> app is - unless he can get everyone who has contributed to the app to
> agree to the change, or remove the contributed code.  Either one will
> probably be very difficult, but the third option, a unilateral
> relicensing, is totally inappropriate and I would hope that sanctions
> would be immediately imposed were it attempted.

The licenses of Megami, Kaboodle, and Hayes all allow for re-licensing.

So before going off on a rant telling people to shut up, how about taking 
60 seconds to check some about boxes for licensing information?
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