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Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Tue Aug 26 15:35:07 BST 2003

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On Tuesday 26 August 2003 3:22 am, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> you already heard from me about this :-) but I say it again so that
> everybody knows what I think about it.

Hmm, nope this is a different topic having to due with usability.  Actually it 
applies to KConfigureDialog also. :)  Reading below I see that you already 
impliment it (although without the glabal choice of tabbed or iconlist).

> I think KAutoConfigDialog should provide only one page. As soon as you want
> to do a dialog with more pages use KConfigureDialog (even better: use it
> for every cfg dlg). It will automatically choose an IconList or a TreeList
> depending on the pages it has to combine (you can specify the hierarchy in
> the .desktop files of the pages). For example you need to have a TreeList
> in Kontact while a simple app with 2 pages in the dialog looks stupid if it
> isn't using an IconList.
> When I say "page" I always think about a call to KDialogBase::addPage(). It
> would be nice if KAutoConfigDialog (which I would rather call
> KAutoConfigPage then) would provide KCMs (probably by making
> KAutoConfigPage inheriting from KCModule). These can then easily be used in
> the KConfigureDialog.
> PS: Don't complain about the extra work ;-) I told you before you started
> KAutoConfigDialog that I'm working on a cfg dlg and that we should
> coordinate our work...

I'm sorry if I gave some sort of indication that it would be extra work as 
that was not my intention.  I am more then happy to attempt to get all KDE 
configure dialogs usinging a common system.  Maybe you misinterprited my need 
to get up to speed on what you are working on.  KAutoConfigDialog actually 
does very little and is little more then a wrapper around KAutoConfig.  For 
KAutoConfigPage I figured I would just start new and make a new wrapper for 
KAutoConfig/KConfigureDialog.  I antisipate that any change over from 
KAutoConfigDialog will be easier then from a lot of the custom configure 
dialogs out there and until we can get some example apps in cvs I don't see 
anything wrong with continuing to improve applications to utilize 
KAutoConfigDialog.  Even if we migrated apps straight to KConfigureDialog 95% 
of the work I anticipate would be the same.

The point of the original post was: Would it be a good idea to have a global 
config entry to specify what configure dialogs should look like when they 
have multiple pages. (be it tabbed, iconlist or other)

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