Software patent protest, could kde participate ?

Maksim Orlovich mo002j at
Tue Aug 26 15:16:02 BST 2003

> Sorry to reply to this, but I think this deserved a reply.
> I think SW Patents are contrary to the goals of the KDE project, and
> we should voice this concern, even if some people don't agree...  
> There are also people who think that the GPL is a bad license, and we
> keep offending them too, because the GPL alligns with the goals of the
> KDE project.

Last I checked KDE did not force anyone to license apps with GPL, nor made
statements advancing goals of the FSF. And I am pretty sure that a large
portion of KDE people will say that they do not agree with its goals, but
just use it for practical reasons. So I think you just underscored Andy's

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